Urban mountain biking comes as a new form of challenge for those bikers who are involved in extreme type of riding a bike. It is a new level to which mountain biking is brought since in this sporting adventure there are also required features like good reflexes, athletic shape andContinue Reading

Golf is commonly known as the gentleman’s game. What it means is that not everyone can play golf as there are certain techniques involved. These techniques need to be learned before one starts playing golf. One of the basic and important techniques is the swing or the golf swing asContinue Reading

Staying fit requires a certain amount of activity to be put in so that the body can exercise and burn out those extra calories. Sports are the unique viable way to keep a perfect body. There is a sport for each and every individual, whichever form it may be. ThisContinue Reading

For the progressive and traditional viewers of sports, there is one thing that they will always take a stand on, against one another, and that is the use of television replay in professional sports. According to the traditionalists, human error has always been a factor in professional sports and willContinue Reading

Sir Alex Ferguson has served in his capacity as the manager of Manchester United for almost 27 years now. When he took charge of the side, The Red Devils were a struggling mid-table side in the League, without a major title for some time. But the Scot managed to turnContinue Reading