More about Urban Mountain Biking

Urban mountain biking comes as a new form of challenge for those bikers who are involved in extreme type of riding a bike. It is a new level to which mountain biking is brought since in this sporting adventure there are also required features like good reflexes, athletic shape and abilities along with strength.

But as the name implies, this biking challenge happens mainly in the urban areas, especially in those places created to satisfy the needs of skateboarders and bikers. This sport is therefore designated to city dwellers who long for the challenges offered by trails found in wilderness only that in here they have replaced this wilderness with the jungle of a city life.

Although many cities and towns have created skateboarding parks where urban mountain biking can take place in a safely established area, there are however bikers who would rather accept the challenges offered by streets architecture and parking lots. But the parks specially designed for this sport provide tracks of all kinds including rails, ramps, as well as bowls that are used by both skaters and bikers.

Half pipe tracks where vertical riding is possible can offer the possibility of performing twists in the air where bikers can prove their skills of handling their bike in a new challenging manner. It is the type of free-riding they are looking for and many of them are simply thrilled about it.

But with all these challenges and dangers that a biker is exposed to it is necessary for them to always have a safe riding by wearing complete equipment along with a full face helmet. One can imagine the damages that a biker is exposed to if it happens for them to fall on concrete from various heights.

When it comes to street urban mountain biking, this is as well a form that requires safety equipment and in addition the biker needs to watch out for the safety of passersby and properties. Many bikers are also challenged by construction sites or grinding ledges, and sets of stairs to prove their abilities.

The bikes that are designed for this new form of extreme sport are very basically conceived with wheels measuring 20″ in diameter allowing the biker do the work in a simple way. There are no accessories such as suspension forks or pegs resulting as such in bikes that are easy to handle. Even for a beginner in this sport, maneuvering this bike comes as a simple task. The toughest part is mainly displayed by the ability of jumping and twisting while riding stairs, ledges and other such forms of challenges.

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