Golf swing

Golf is commonly known as the gentleman’s game. What it actually means is that not everyone can play golf as there are certain techniques involved. These techniques are needed to be learned before one starts playing golf. One of the basic and important techniques is the swing or the golf swing as it is commonly known. Though it may seem that it is very easy to swing the golf club and hit the ball hard and high, it is actually not. Even more when the aim is to put the ball in or around a hole that is several meters away.

The secret behind a perfect swing is the posture and the technique. It starts with the gripping of the golf club to the follow through after hitting the golf ball. Each and every step from the start to the last is equally important. Though there are several important tips available on the internet, the best one is gathered by accompanying a golfer. As it is said, practical knowledge is always better. The perfect golf swing can be attained after perfecting the steps or techniques thoroughly. The first among them is the correct way of holding the golf club. Just grabbing the base like a stick or a normal club won’t be very helpful. Right handed people should place the left hand first and left handed people the vice versa. Then the right or left hand should be placed below it. It is important to maintain a strong grip.

Next is the standing posture. It is all about the correct posture and carrying the body till the follow through. The stance is more like an athlete. The knees should be slightly bent with the body weight evenly balanced by the two legs. The knees and balls of the leg should support the weight, providing a stable base for a perfect golf swing. The feet, hip, knee, eyes and shoulder should be parallel to the target. Then comes the backswing. Most people flounder here and from here in the disaster begins. So, to get a perfect backswing, move your arms in the direction of your right leg. The trick is to do so by moving your shoulders only and without hinging the wrist initially. As the club moves higher and we bend a bit more the wrist should start bending. At the midpoint of the golf swing the left shoulder and chin should be in line along with the face or head of the club being parallel to the left forearm.

The next half should come naturally by reversing the direction. Only it is to be seen that the wrists do not start bending but the whole shoulder is moved. This way the power is retained. Just before impact the body should be like as it was in the beginning with the hips a bit open and eyes behind the ball. The chest and hips should rotate completely until it faces the target, thus completing a full golf swing.

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