Top 7 Sports for a perfect body and mind

basketballStaying fit requires a certain amount of activity to be put in so that the body can exercise and burn out those extra calories. Sports are the unique viable way to keep a perfect body. There is a sport for each and every individual, whichever form it may be. This article will show 7 sports you can choose to maintain a perfect and fit body.

BASKETBALL: Basketball has always been associated with a lot of agility and speed. For those who love to run around and pass the ball, this sport is ideal. It is also ideal for tall people as the leap to put the ball into the basket becomes easier. Nonetheless most kids play basketball these days to grow taller, along with other calcium and protein nutrients intake. Shooting hoops with a small group is perfect for practicing the shots, but unless the real game is played there is no real benefit in terms of body fitness.

FOOTBALL: Football is also about agility and accuracy. Football is also a very popular sport amongst kids and adults and it is likely at least the second most important sport in every country if not the first. Dribbling and playing with the ball while running is a perfect exercise for the legs and helps to keep the body toned and fit.

TENNIS: Tennis is a sport which is related to action and enthusiasm. The tennis court is always filled with new and unique variations which is extremely beneficial for those who opt for something which is different from the rest.

RUNNING: Whenever there is a lack of equipment, running always compensates for it and there is a lot of energy and positive vibes that is generated with a running exercise. For those who love to burn those extra calories quickly, running everyday is extremely beneficial. Moreover, running with music on the go is like a stress reliever.

SWIMMING: Swimming is a beautiful sport for those who love playing in the water. It allows for a complete relaxed environment and it is probably the only sport where one does not feel the heat or perspire after a tiresome workout.

GYMNASTIC: Gymnastics is all about perfect synchronized performances which bring about a sense of awe to the people. Gymnastics is still just a sport which is taken up by a selected group of people and this is one of the reasons why it has such a huge popularity.

MIXED MARTIAL ARTS: Mixed Martial arts is all about thorough discipline. This is because there is a lot of concentration and focus that is involved when one talks about self defence.

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