LeBron and The Heat Claim the Holy Grail

He has been the best player in the National Basketball Association or the NBA for the past six or seven years by quite some distance but till now, LeBron James didn’t have anything to show for all his class and skill. But finally, he has managed to reach the Holy Grail that he had so long been dreaming off and has earned his first NBA Championship ring after the Miami Heat routed the Oklahoma City Thunder in 5 matches at the NBA Finals. James scored 26 points and 11 rebounds along with 13 assists for the umpteenth triple double of his career to lead the Heat to a 121-106 rout of the Western Conference Champions at home.

LeBron had played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for 7 years, and was by far the best player in the team which came close to winning the title a couple of years back but just fell short of the final
hurdle. However, that wasn’t good enough for the man with so much ambition and he had always been looking to come to a team that had the tenacity to fight for the title season in, season out and switched the Cavaliers for the heat two years back and has finally found vindication in his decision. Moreover, James, who had been named as the Most Valuable Player in the League in regular season, was also named as the Most Valuable Player of the Finals as well, capping off the most successful season of his career, both personally and in terms of the team as well.

Speaking to a television presenter after the game, James said that the win meant everything to him and added that life had come full circle for him. He went on to state that it was for nights like these that he left Cleveland, which was the most difficult decision of his career. He also added that he had no other option because he had the ambition of winning the title and it was only with Miami that he found a team with the same mentality.

But in spite of all his emotion at winning the title, James also spared a moment to thank Kevin Durant and his team for giving a good game. He also thanked everyone who had helped in his development, both at Cleveland and also at Miami and the management of the team and his fellow players, particularly Wade and Bosh.

When asked what would be next for the all conquering Miami Heat now, LeBron James was at his usual flamboyant best when he stated that he wants to win the title for another three or four years in a row and set a new record, breaking the old one by legendary Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen. He added that he is looking forward to the vacation that he will now have after such a grueling season and before he signed off, he warned the others saying that he would be back for the title next season again.

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